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Chapel Hill  Ministry

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Welcome to Chapel Hill Ministry. This is an indigenous ministry which meets both the Maasais in their rural habitat and urban people in the city, with the gospel of Jesus Christ in their respective places of residence.


We are in this part of Kenya reaching the Maasai with the Gospel in the bush and praying with them under the trees. The solution to their problems is found in Christ. It is a shocking experience to see the Maasai men and women praising God under the trees while the lions are watching. You have never known what it means "going to the whole world," if you have never been to Maasai land. Come with us to Maasai land - Join us in this chariot ! Let us join hands dear friends to reach many more nomads to Jesus Christ.  Donate below for a worthy cause.


We are appealing to you and all well wishers to help us set up a preventive measures to protect a Maasai girl child from inhuman traditions of FGM/C and early marriages from age 9-15 years. Such tender girls are married to men of 50 years plus for economic gains. They are deprived of education so that they can be 'sold' to some rich elderly men as wives. These are some of the shocking realities on the harvest fields. The work is not only reaping the souls to Christ but we have to introduce some gainful economic activities to stop the poor nomads from giving their daughters as wives to the rich elderly men.

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